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The Municipal Library in Kostelec n. O. is a public library. Its founder and superior body is the City of Kostelec n. O. A citizen of the Czech Republic may register in the sense of Act No. 257/2001 Coll., The Library Act, on the basis of a valid identity card. The legal relationship between the library and the applicant will be established as soon as the library concludes a contract with the applicant for the provision of services. The contract is concluded by mutual signature of the reader’s application. After signing the application and paying the registration fee, the library will issue a reader’s card to the applicant. At that moment, the applicant becomes a registered reader and acquires the reader’s rights and obligations.

To register a reader under the age of 15, it is necessary to state the signature of the user’s legal representative and the basic identification data of the legal representative on the application.